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India Fairs and Festivals

Upcoming Events

Fairs / Festivals May 2015
Month Festival Place
3-May-2015 Second Passover All India
1-May-2015 Maharashtra Day Maharashtra
1 to 3-May-2015 Moatsu Festival Nagaland
3 to 4-May-2015 Mt. Abu Summer Festival Mt. Abu, Rajasthan
4-May-2015 Buddha Purnima All India
6-May-2015 Urs Festival Ajmer
7 to 8-May-2015 Rabindra Jayanti West Bengal
10-May-2015 Mother's Day All India
14-May-2015 Jala Krida Ekadasi Odisha
21-May-2015 Maharana Pratap Jayanti Haryana
21 to 23-May-2015 Summer Festival Mt. Abu (Rajasthan)
23-May-2015 Birthday of Guru Amar Das (Nanakshahi calendar) All India
Mid May-2015 Meenakshi Kalyanam Madurai, Tamilnadu
28-May-2015 Savitri Amavasya Odisha
27-May to 27-June-2015 Kottiyoor Utsavam Kannur
28 to 29-May-2015 Ganga Dussehras Uttar Pradesh

India is known all over the world for its cultural and traditional festivals. Every month a festival celebration is commemorated. Since India is a secular country with diverse religions, languages, cultures, people are involved in many festivities. People of different religion have different cultural and traditional festivals. Certain festivals are celebrated by all the Indians throughout the nation. Every festival is unique in rituals and beliefs.

Here is a look at the festivals that take place in India in May every year- adding a little more fervor to the life.

Budhha Jayanti: The birth anniversary of the magnificent spiritual leader Gautam Buddha, the founder of ‘Buddhism’, is celebrated as ‘Buddha Jayanti’. It is largely celebrated in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Gautam budhha’s message of ‘Peace’ was spread from India to many foreign cultures. This conventional festival is celebrated annually on the purnima (full moon) of ‘Vaisakha’.

On this auspicious day, Mahabodhi temple is beautifully decorated and many special events are held to mark the life and teachings of ‘Gautam Buddha’. It is also believed that this day celebrates birth, attaining Nirvana (enlightenment) and death of Gautam Budhha. The Buddhism affirms of five principles known as ‘Panchsheel’. They are as follows:
  • No killing: It refers to respect for life.
  • No stealing: It refers to respect of other’s property.
  • No Sexual Misconduct: It refers to Respect for our pure nature.
  • No lying: It refers to respect for honesty.
  • No Intoxicants: It refers to respect for a clear and unbaffled mind.
Thus, Buddha Jayanti is a celebration of Buddhist teachings of Ahimsa and Non –Violence.

Budhha Jayanti Calendar

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday type
Mon May 23 2005 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Sat May 13 2006 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Wed May 2 2007 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Tue May 20 2008 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Fri May 8 2009 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Thu May 27 2010 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Tue May 17 2011 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Sun May 6 2012 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Sat May 25 2013 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Wed May 14 2014 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Mon May 4 2015 Buddha Purnima/Vesak Gazetted Holiday
Upcoming Events


Eid ul Fitr

Raksha Bandhan

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