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Navratri 2014

Navratri Cards
Navratri Card Navratri Card Navratri Card Navratri Card

The festival of Navratri is dedicated to the workship of Shakti, a Hindu Deity. The literal meaning of Navaratri is nine nights, where nava stands for nine and ratri stands for nights.

Navratri Calendar

The period falls according to the Hindu calendar and Navratri Calendar.Celebrated during the month of April, Navratri brings out the piety of Hindus all over.

Navratri Dates - In 2014, Navratri will start from March 31, 2014 to April 8, 2014 .

Chaitra Navratri March - April 2014 Dates

Navratri Festival

The entire Navratri Festival ceremony is carried out with the chanting of mantras conveying the theme -"This is my offering to God". The day following Navratri is hailed as Vijaya Dasami, more popularly known as Dussehra.

In many of India's northern states, enormous effigies of Ravana stuffed with firecrackers are torched with flaming arrows to the delight of throngs of revelers. It is also valued by devotees as an auspicious occasion to start enterprise and for the business communities to open their annual books of account.

Men, women and children who have fasted during the day have a light repast of fruit or other non-cereals before traipsing out into the streets and lanes and public squares. There, to the beat and rhythm of drums, the harmonium, and cymbals, they dance and sing the age-old dandiya raas garbas and garbis.

Navratri Songs

Navratri Songs are played with which the dancers move around in a circle the steps and movements of the garbas and garbis.

Popular Navrarti Songs

Mata Rani Ne Kripa Barsayi

Mata Rani Ne Kripa Barsayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi
mata Rani Ne Keetti Sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi

Onne mere sare rah khole
mere sare rukke kam pure hoye
meri Maya meri,
meri Maya meri suddh len ayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi

Mata Rani ape daudi daudi ayi
onne har kushi meri jholi payi
meri ambe ne,
meri ambe ne keetti sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hunid Ayi
Ajj meri Mayya mere kar ayi
kushiyan de sagar vicch dubki lagayi
meri datti ne,
meri datti ne keeti sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi


Rang Tali..Rang Tali

Rang tali, rang tali, rang tali, re rang ma rang tali
Ma gabar na gokh vadi re rang ma rang tali
Ma chachar na chok vadi re rang ma rang tali
Ma motiyo na haar vadi re rang ma rang tali
Ma ghee na divda vadi re rang ma rang tali
Ma Amba arasur vadi re rang ma rang tali
Ma bhakto ne mann vadi re rang ma rang tali
Ma dhrusto ne marva chali re rang ma rang tali
Ma sona no garbo vadi re rang ma rang tali
Ma atris batris vadi re rang ma rang tali.


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